Laboratory Animal Shared Resources (LASR)

Overview of Services

Laboratory Animals Shared Resources (LASR) offer variety of services, including  sperm/embyos cryopreservation,  strain recovery  via cryopreserved sperm/ embryos, shipment of  cryopreserved material. Free consultation will be provided to answer investigator’s questions of the regarding cryopreservation requirements, experimental design, mouse databases and genetically-engineered mice, etc.

For Cryopreservation please contact Jennifer Connell (former Dunlap)


Luis Sigal DVM, PhD


Judith Daviau DVM

Jennifer Dunlap, B.S.


Hours of Operation and Location

Hours Location

By Appointment Only       

(215) 503 - 4537           

Bluemle Life Sciences Building (BLSB)
Room 606
233 South 10th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107-5541

Links and Resources

  1. Mouse Genome Informatics


Name Role Phone Email Location
Luis Sigal DVM, PhD

Bluemle Life Sciences Building Room 709A 233 S 10th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107
Judith Daviau, DVM

Jefferson Alumni Hall Room M-28 1020 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19107
Matthew Huesser

233 South 10th Street Suite 908 Philadelphia, PA 19107


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