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Clinical Cancer Immunology Core

Overview of Services

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Clinical Cancer Immunology Core Facility conducts a wide range of immunological assays including phenotypic and functional flow cytometry (T cell, monocytes, and dendritic cells), multiplex luminex, and ex vivo culture assays. The core works closely with investigators to optimize assay design and interpret data generated by these state-of-the-art immune analyses.  The data can be used to choose, assess and monitor novel therapeutics in the clinic, as well as provide a deeper understanding of interactions between the host immune response and tumor, which take place in the tumor microenvironment, lymphatic tissue, and peripheral blood.   Study specific, pilot-projects, and advanced immune assays can be developed as needed.  

The core is positioned to coordinate data collection by multidisciplinary cores, i.e. Translational Pathology and MetaOmics.  Combining immune data generated in concurrent workflows enables the core to leverage immunological expertise in order to mine these comprehensive studies, thereby facilitating the search for predictive and prognostic biomarkers in complex treatment paradigms where standard of care is combined with one or more novel immunotherapy.  

This facility is dedicated to meeting the current and future needs of both researchers and clinicians.   The facility is capable of performing advanced assays on a case-by-case basis.  In collaboration with PI, the core can design and implement novel assays in order ot answer complex immunological hypotheses required to drive cutting-edge science faciliting more informed clinical decisions.  


Larry Harshyne, Director, 215-503-9893

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM        

BLSB Room 1019

233 South 10th St

Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Larry Harshyne
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
Lauren Anderson-Pullinger
Research Technician
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

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