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MitoCare Shared Resources

Overview of Services

 The MitoCare Shared Resources consist of three services: confocal/multiphoton microscopy (Zeiss LSM780 NLO), mitochondrial bioenergetics measurement (Seahorse XF24) and transmission electron microscopy (FEI Tecnai 12). For details of each service, please see the descriptions in the 'Schedule Equipment' tab.


Gyorgy Hajnockzy, MD, PhD; Director

Gyorgy Csordas, MD; TEM Director 

Erin Seifert, PhD; Seahorse Director 

David Weaver; Confocal/Multiphoton Director


Zuzana Nichtova, PhD; TEM Support

Joanie Johnson; Billing Support

Timothy Schneider, MS; TEM Support


Hours of Operation and Location

Hours Location


Jefferson Alumni Hall (JAH)
Suite 527
1020 Locust St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107



Name Role Phone Email Location
Gyorgy Hajnoczky
JAH Suite 527
Gyorgy Csordas
TEM Director
JAH Suite 527
Erin Seifert
Seahorse Director
JAH Suite 527
Zuzana Nichtova
TEM Support
JAH Suites 532 or 552
David Weaver
Confocal/Multiphoton Director
JAH Suite 527
Joanie Johnson
Billing Support
JAH 2nd floor
Timothy Schneider
TEM Support